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B2B direct outreach

Revealed: The Fastest Way to Generate Qualified B2B Leads

By Alex Gray, Founder of
on February 22, 2019

Why is Cold Outreach a Quick Way to Get B2B Sales Leads?

Unlike other sources of business leads such as wide-net advertising, this method is laser-focused on exactly the types of sales prospects that you want to have a conversation with.

For example: Looking for CXOs at 80+ staff companies in the automotive industry?

No problem.

Looking for Senior Engineers at 200–500 staff companies in the medical supply industry?

No problem.

Looking for Engineers at 100–300 staff companies in the aerospace industry?

No problem.

What is Cold Outreach and How Does it Work?

Email & LinkedIn outreach, sometimes called, cold outreach.
The ROI from Email (and, now, LinkedIn) is enormous compared to other marketing channels.
Unlike all the other B2B marketing methods, email & LinkedIn outreach is designed to be fast and focused.
  • PPC campaigns on Google Ads can be very effective but it involves a more holistic approach of analyzing the website or landing page and optimizing the ads over time (hint: these tactics work best TOGETHER as a part of a full marketing strategy)
  • Facebook advertising has it's place in the marketing world but it's still primarily a place of leisure, so the conversion rates for B2B marketing campaigns reflect this.
  • Trade shows are hugely beneficial because you're physically surrounded by your target audience, but these events are scattered across the calendar and you can't get started right now.
  • Content marketing is crucial but it's a slow process that takes substantial time to ramp up and bring in those sales leads you need now.
  • Email & LinkedIn outreach has a much better and faster return on investment — if it's done correctly.
B2B LinkedIn Outreach Involves a Five-Step Process
Identify your target audience.
This will include understanding the industry, business type, location, job types, and so on. It will also involve identifying key features and benefits of your product or service and appreciating the key needs and drivers of the people you plan to contact.
Data mining.
Use LinkedIn to find the right decision makers so you can get busy closing more deals.
Launch email & LinkedIn outreach campaigns.
Segment your campaigns appropriately by using the information you compiled when you identified you target audience. You can segment your campaigns by industry, business type, location, job types, messaging, and so on.
Continually monitor and optimize your campaigns.
Just like a Google Ads campaign, you can run split-tests to identify the best-performers in terms of targeting and messaging. Every time you discover a new winner, make that one your new benchmark and continue your testing.
Enjoy a steady flow of new B2B sales leads
You're filling your pipeline, now close some deals!

Hiring a Specialist B2B Lead Generation Partner

Take for example.

In short, we do it all for you. We do it fast and we do it effectively. You'll instantly have a quick way to get B2B sales leads.

Your team will launch a planned, personalized LinkedIn outreach campaign targeting your ideal customers and follow-up automatically to maximize results.

Then, your sales team will follow-up with the steady stream of qualified leads that are interested in your B2B solution.

Some of the Benefits of Outsourcing LinkedIn Outreach
You'll get more clients
You'll have a well-structured, scalable system to bring in more leads, close more deals and make more sales every week.
Save time
Marketing tasks take tons of time. Your team is probably already stretched and doesn't have the time and expertise for rapid sales research and outreach. Your new lead generator comes experienced and well equipped with premium subscriptions to automate manual work and provide you with quality prospects at the shortest time. Your lead generator will help you get more done in less time.
Perform market research
This data will help you make better decisions. Your lead generator will help you quickly find new prospects and potential new industries. You'll also learn which service offerings, positioning statements, and messages work best across the different variables such as job, company type, and industry.
Reduce headcount
Do you really want to add another expensive employee to your team with all the hiring, salary, bonuses, goal setting, disciplinary meetings, sick days, etc.? Let do all the hard work for you. All you need to focus on is closing deals.
Motivate your best salespeople
There's no better way than to support excellent salespeople than by giving them a lead generator whose only focus finding them hot sales leads to close. It's a cost-effective way to help your top performers get more done, close more deals, and stay focused on what really matters.

The Bottom Line

You've just learned a scalable and fast way to generate qualified B2B sales leads.

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? To fast track this process, visit to learn how we can set up a quick B2B lead generation campaign for your business.

We're your marketing secret weapon.

Start filling your pipeline with no risk at all.