Sales Funnel Onboarding

This helps us to identify your ideal clients and craft the best messaging to increase your response rate.
What is your companys name?
What is your companys website?
What locations are you targeting?
What industries are you targeting?
What company size do you want to target?
(number of employees)
What titles/positions are you targeting?
Example: Founder, CEO, President
What is the biggest problem your company is solving?
Are you solving that problem uniquely? If yes, how?
Do you have any industry facts or data that we could use to strengthen your outreach message?
Do you have any relevant links that would provide value to your prospects? If yes, please paste the link here.
We always try to add as much value as we can to our messaging in order to generate a high response rate. Example: The Essential LinkedIn B2B Marketing Guide for 2019
What exactly do you do in one sentence?
Can you provide us with an example of your most successful cold outreach message(s)?
Do you have social proof (credibility) for us to incorporate in your outreach message? If yes, please provide it below and include any notable companies youve worked with.
Do you have an irresistible offer you use to attract potential customers? If yes, what is it?
An irresistible offer is a low-priced or free offer that is of significant value to your target market, that opens the door to a natural up-sell of your core product or service.
What is your preferred call to action?
If other, what is your preferred call to action?
Do you have a calendar link for prospects to book calls directly with you? If yes, please paste the link below.
Does your company attend corporate events? If so, can you list the top 3 events below?
LinkedIn Username
Your username to log in to LinkedIn
LinkedIn Password
Your password to log in to LinkedIn
Do you have Sales Navigator activated in LinkedIn?
If you need help, well handle this on our Strategy Call
Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number