Take your Google Ads to the next level.


We are Google Partners and manage over $100k in ad spend for our clients.

PPC Advertising for B2B Technology Companies

Paid advertising that crushes expectations.

We use a mixture of the top 1% of PPC experts, top 1% of designers, and AI-powered technology to make sure you only reach your ideal clients with the perfect message.
Search Advertising
For B2B, not many channels beat Google & Bing advertising.
Bring lost leads back and attract new qualified prospects at lower costs than other channels.
Social Advertising Included
Professionals are doing business on social media like LinkedIn. Use that to your advantage at no extra cost.
Comprehensive Call Tracking
Know exactly what keywords and placements are making your phone ring.
Conversion Tools
Analytics, pop-ups, heatmaps, and more tools to help us drive growth for your business
CRM Integration
Keep track of results from your ads with our quantitative analytics data and your qualitative CRM data.

Weldlogic Inc.

Weldlogic was paying $280+ per lead with their previous PPC agency.

After 12 months of redesigning their website/landing pages and optimizing their Google Ads account, they are paying $60 per lead and have increased lead quality at the same time.

"Thank you for continuing to fine-tune this system that gives us qualified leads every single month."
Director of Sales, Weldlogic
We are certified PPC professionals.
Our entire team of paid ads specialists are certified and ready to generate revenue for your business.

No more confusion.
Get complete clarity.

Deliverable: In-Depth Report on Your Ads Performance and Actionable Steps to Improve ROI

Deliverable: 1 to 2 Hour Recorded Audit Review Call with Deep Insights from Our Team of Experts

Delivery in 5 Business Days

$2,000 $999 One-Time Fee

Money-Back Guarantee