Buying leads from an outside lead generation company can help solar companies to grow, but it is a complicated decision, and one that isn’t right for every company.

In this article, we explore the benefits of buying solar leads from an outside company, and the potential drawbacks of doing so too.

Advantages to Buying Solar Leads

Buying solar leads is a shortcut to profiting with your solar business. You receive qualified leads and immediately start selling.

You’d be surprised at how much work it takes to set up marketing funnels, ad campaigns, retargeting, and testing everything involved to generate ROI-positive leads.

By buying solar leads you bypass that entire process and get exclusive leads that are ready to start their journey into solar.

Disadvantages to Buying Solar Leads

There’s really no disadvantages except for bad providers in the market. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of horrible lead providers.

You can generally spot these businesses quickly. If they sell “aged leads”, I wouldn’t trust them. Aged leads are basically crap leads that have been sold to other solar providers in the past and didn’t convert.

Any business, especially solar, needs exclusive leads – leads that were generated in that moment for only one solar provider.

The other disadvantage can be if you’re not ready to handle a volume of leads. You need to have your sales process, automations (which we’ll cover later), and CRM system set up before you start buying solar leads.

Obviously it’s best to own your marketing machine, but there’s really no disadvantage to partnering with a great lead provider and scaling your business with their proven, scalable system.

A Warning About Cheap Leads

As mentioned, you’ve got bad actors everywhere.

A quick Google search will bring up a giant list of terrible solar lead providers selling aged leads and other “bargains”.

Do not fall for these low priced, cheap leads. They are crap.

Some bottom of the barrel solar companies thrive off of these leads, but they work 5x as hard as necessary and generate less results.

Cheap leads are much more expensive in the long run.

Focus on high quality, qualified, exclusive solar leads.

You Need Sales Automation

Following up with leads is one of the most important parts of solar sales. You need to:

  • Call leads in less than 10 minutes
  • Follow up after appointment bookings with emails, voicemails, and SMS
  • Follow up after calls with emails, calls, voicemails, and SMS

Doing this manually is a nightmare. That’s why you need sales automation to make sure buying solar leads profitable.

Note: Leadist sets up a CRM with pre-built automations just for your solar business.

Bottom Line

Buying solar leads is a great idea for most solar providers. You shortcut months of work and tens of thousands of dollars by partnering with a high quality lead provider.

The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages in terms of time savings and ROI.

The disadvantages are very specific, and may not apply to your solar business.

My recommendation is to give buying solar leads a try and be very aware of the quality of the leads. Communicate often with your partner and make sure you’re getting ROI within a couple of months.

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