Website Onboarding

Please fill out every field to the best of your ability. If there are any questions or concerns, we will address them in our upcoming Strategy Call.
Step 1: Onboarding Form
What is your companys name?
What is your companys website?
If you have one.
Provide all of the login information for your domain provider
Provide your Hosting login information
Provide all of your companys visual assets in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder
Examples: Logo, company video links or file, company photos, color palette, typography, or anything else we should have to represent your company.
Please provide some background on the company
Describe your companys unique sales proposition (USP)
Who is the target market?
Please list competitor websites or websites you like (or hate) as a reference
Please link to any reviews or testimonials
What are the main objectives of the website?
Examples: create brand awareness, generate leads & sales, build an online community, build an archive for resources and materials, position company as expert in the field.
What pages need to be on the website?
What other pages?
What are the main activities you want users to perform on your new site?
Any other actions youd like your users to take?
Is the industry technical? Does it require specialized copywriting incorporating specific lingo?
If yes, we require examples of past marketing collateral or technical documentation in order to use the right lingo and capture your voice in your industry.
Describe the sales process
Ex. Leads get sent to our CRM system, assigned to a sales rep, then our sales team calls them immediately, usually it takes between XX - XX to close the deal
Social media profiles youd like featured
Is there a specific deadline for this project?
Did we miss anything?
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